About us

Founded in March 2020 where Mental Health quickly declined due to the global pandemic, C-19. We made it our mission to support as many as people as possible and help build resilience. 

We are also campaigning for better support and funding in Swindon and Wiltshire while educating the community to reduce stigma and discrimination. 

We are a busy bunch!

Our Founder

We are currently trying to build a team to support Samuel and his work, if you are interested, please contact us! 

Samuel Robbins

Founder & Befriending Champion

Samuel (29) lives in Swindon with his family and works for a local vehicle leasing company. Samuel is always very keen on helping other people and supporting his local community. Samuel is a Mental Health First Aider and has completed level 2 courses in Children's Mental Health, Understanding Mental Health and understanding and preventing self-harm and suicide. Samuel is currently studying a level 3 course in Mental Health. 

Senior Volunteer


If you are interested, please use the contact form under "Contact us"

In the Media 

Learn about what we have been up too through the eyes of the local media. We have good media coverage in Swindon and Wiltshire for our campaign and support group which helps us get key messages and support out. 

Campaign Starts for Better Mental Health in Swindon and Wiltshire.

A campaign for better access to mental health services has been started by a man who worries more people could be affected by depression than by Covid-19.

Dad Urges People to Volunteer to Improve Wellbeing.

A DAD is encouraging people to do some volunteering to improve their mental health.

Campaigner Calls for more Mental Health Support.

A campaign for better mental health support in Swindon is calling for more funding for services.

MP Robert Buckland Presents Founder with PM's Points of Light Award.

A DAD who created a mental health support group for hundreds of people during lockdown has been presented with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s daily Points of Light award.